Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy, happy, Halloween!

I am so looking forward to go trick-or-treating with the girls later—hurray!  They were so excited about Halloween that they got up all by themselves.  I let them wear their costumes to school (well, DD1 has a school contest, but that meant DD2 got to wear hers, too, but to be packed away once we go to preschool…which took a lot of effort, lol.)  I just love the holidays!

On a happy note, DD1’s PTCs went great.  Her teachers said she is hard working, takes her schoolwork seriously, always wants to do well.  She is reading two grade levels higher (proud mommy!!!) and doing great in math.  She could be eligible for advanced math in the future, but she is doing excellent where she is now.  They say she loves reading, especially poetry, so I think I need to invest in some Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic, etc.  They are so happy with her—that she is a good student who always wants to help.  Seriously, my heart couldn’t be happier.

Because…it’s validation that DD1 is growing and thriving.  That despite all the drama behind closed doors, it isn’t affecting her—or if it is, it’s not affecting her ability to learn and love learning.  I’m shielding her as best as I can, and apparently the shields are working as best as they can.  She is loving school, doing well, loves her friends.  I left her at school smiling with her little pals, excited for Halloween.  I couldn’t be happier.  Yay!  :-)

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