Monday, December 1, 2014

Four Ways to Respond if the Ex bad-mouths you to the kids

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please check out my article on handling "negative speak" at divorcemoms dot com here.  It's been such a pleasure sharing my writing here at the blog and over at divorcemoms, too.  

I am so thankful for my family, my kids, my loved ones near and far.  And I'm thankful to the blogging community for sharing our experiences and helping each other on the road and adventure of being a divorced mom, rebuilding our lives in a better place. 


  1. So diplomatic. It's hard not to just say of course not kiddos, it's because your dad is a giant asshole. Thank goodness for blogging.

    1. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, thanks for the comment, Liv!!! <3

      p.s. and yep, he is being a giant a-hole right now, by not responding to my request to take the girls to a b-day party. /eyeroll. #sigh