Thursday, October 1, 2015


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Today’s grateful post:

1)     I’m in charge of a work event that has been months in the planning.  We are now at the day before it’s happening and while I’ve been running around really stressed out, today, I’m very zen and am looking forward to it going off tomorrow.
2)     Tomorrow after said work event, the girls and I are getting on the plane to rendezvous with my BFF, her baby who will turn two in December, and her hub and her mom.  We are staying at a vacation rental and I’m looking forward to five days of beach fun!
3)     My hubby, who has been driving me crazy lately with his work stress, but I’m still thankful for his support and his love.  Yesterday, he brought home dinner, made it ready, then cleaned up afterwards while DD1 and I rushed out the door for her girl scouts, and hung out with DD2 to make sure her tummy felt better so she doesn’t get sick for our mini vacation!
4)     Exie stupid bath crap has been addressed via co-parenting counselor.  No opposite-sex parents to give girls a bath since they’re getting older and able to take baths.  Exie blew up about this again, but I just referred him to the co-parenting counselor, because I don’t have to deal with his b.s.
5)     Last night, I had a candid talk with DD1 about everything under the sun.  Something that has been nibbling at the back of my brain—about reinforcing with the girls that it’s our job to take care of them, not their job to take care of us.  And DD1 said, but that’s how I am, mommy, I love taking care of you and dad.  And I told her she has a huge heart and I know she loves us, but again, it was our job as parents to take care of her. 

I told DD1 that when she and DD2 are at mom’s house, they get to talk to dad as long as they want on the phone, because I’m glad they can talk to him, and also because I know that when they talk to dad, they don’t love me less.  That I know her heart is big enough to love everyone in her family.  She immediately knew what I was driving at, because she’s like, yeah, I know I talk short with you, mom, at dad’s house.  And I told her I don’t mind, that I know she loves me, and I told her I worry that when she cuts off the phone with me at her dad’s, she thinks that if she’s short with me, it will help dad feel like she loves him.  And if that’s the case, it’s dad’s job to work through that, not her job to take care of him.  She got really quiet and introspective about that,  my sweet caring soul DD1.  Actually, I’m not sure I’m grateful about this situation, but I’m grateful that I followed my instinct to talk to her about it.
6)     I think I found a girl scout troop for little sister to join.  She’s been following big sister around for four years, so exciting to have her own troop!


  1. Number five while I know you're not glad for the reason you have those types of conversations, you are lucky that you can have them and she understands. Hugs!

    1. Thanks so much Liv!!! I know you understand the craziness of all of that... <3 <3 <3

    2. I'm always impressed with how you handle the children and your ex, Jane. You're really special. I like that you've opened up that discussion and made DD1 feel okay with short phone conversations with you however, as long as she wants with dad. You're really modeling positive behavior and she'll always remember that. Nicely done. Great post!

    3. Thanks so much Lisa, for your kind words!! I've been off line, will be posting shortly about our little mini vacation. I'm trying to stay strong! He is always doing something, and some days i'm really good at handling, other days, i need wine. wine, wine, wine!!! <3