Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Life calls

I realize I haven't been posting much since March--have been juggling spring break schedules, witih my hubby's family visiting from the mainland which a special magical time full of laughter and love and silliness, the ocean, beach time, watching DD1's tennis match, eating yummy food...I got sick the last two days they were here, and when I woke up it felt like a lovely dream that left lingering memories of happiness and also made me feel sad that they were no longer here.  One fond memory, one night as Hubby was cooking, I said something like, "it's soooo nice having your family here," and I heard DD1 pipe up from the living room, "you mean OUR family!" and that made my heart swoon a little bit.

Then work has me working special projects; presenting to a crowd of 65 esteemed members of our community, hosting our national consultant who is visiting for the first phase of our project to a somewhat fancy dinner with my fellow colleagues, and hosting another meeting this morning and then lunch again with different colleagues.

In a couple of days I have to do conduct a different presentation, and in two weeks I'll be traveling to present on two different panels at a conference (including one with the national consultant who was just here).

We did manage to celebrate some Easter happiness, coloring eggs with our favorite aunty (hubby's sis) and then having an easter egg hunt at church on Easter morning.  The Easter bunny did not disappoint, and the girls loved their little presents in their baskets--a soccer ball for DD2 and a new water bottle for DD1, and a lovely talk with my mom, who it turned out, was ALSO visited by the Easter bunny (a bag of donuts, she told my girls over the phone, much to DD2's delight).  :)

Due to DD2's school being off yesterday, and tonight being a dad night, the girls will come home tomorrow, so I'm thankful that tonight I can get a good night's sleep. :)

Love and peace to the world! <3 p="">

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Spring break, Jane! I love that DD1 corrected you on "our family". LOVE that. You sound incredibly busy with work. Good luck with all the upcoming presentations!