Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Let’s sue the President! Because, why not, we’ve got nothing better to do!

So several news outlets are reporting that Mr. Boehner is galvanizing a movement to sue President Obama.  One here from the Washington Post and BBC chimed in as well.

You know, because we don’t have poverty levels widening and thousands upon thousands of children crossing the border, or sexual assault running rampant and virtually unpunished, or moms getting prosecuted for murder for having a miscarriage unrelated to drug use, or a fierce debate on access to guns when we have yet another school shooting resulting in a death on our hands. However you feel about gun rights and civil liberties and gender and socio-economic disparities, where ever you land on the spectrum, there are serious issues in our country that we need to discuss and do something about.  Let alone the rest of the world.  Like civil wars in Syria or the lost girls in Nigeria, WTF happened about them, where’s the news cycle on that?

Wait, what?  Oh, that’s right, our wonderful politicians are too busy introducing and voting on 54 bills to REPEAL a law that is already in effect (yes, the dreaded health care law, which is, a law, the last time I checked—a real, bona fide law, remember how a bill becomes a law?  I’m just a bill…on capitol hill.)  Oh, wait, that’s right, it wasn’t REALLY 54, it was only 6, because the other 48 were to generally defund it or gut it or repeal just PART of it, so it doesn’t count.  Seriously.

So naturally, since Congress can’t stop the President’s initiatives through the traditional measures of passing laws (do we really have to sit and watch SchoolHouse Rock!—or ask them to have a mandatory sit down lesson on civics?), no these same people who cry about wasting taxpayers money, who in turn devote their time, effort, and tax-payer salaries into creating bills that have no chance of passing—well…now they want to fund a mother of a lawsuit.  That will take YEARS to pass through the legal system, because two political pundits thinks it’s a grand idea that if CONGRESS gives it’s blessing, the suit will have merit (see links at the very beginning of this blog post). 

Wow.  Just…wow.  Having spent tens of thousands on a lowly conflicted custody case, I can’t imagine the unimaginable cost of suing the President of the United States.  But by all means, let’s do that, while at the same time whining about our growing national debt.  By shutting down food stamp programs, because, hey, those poor people deserve it.  (And thank you so very much to you states who resisted it—and had the power to stand up and support your constituents.)

Yes, I realize this blog post has nothing to do with coparenting or divorce or custody or blended families.  But sometimes, I see a headline, and not that this one is any less egregious than the disappearance of #bringbackourgirls or other serious topics, I just can’t help pointing out how ridiculous our American politics look.  I swear if my children acted like this, told me they were going to “sue” the President, and spend millions to do so, I’d put them in a mother of time out and cry for shame.  Or if they decided not to DO THEIR JOBS and shut down their company, I’d fire them myself. 

Yet this latest headline is so ridiculous, I can’t even sit still.  Remember those cardinal rules we learned in kindergarten?  Hold hands and stick together.  Be kind.  Share.  Yeah, kindergartners are way smarter than the these educated 'leaders' who are running (amok in) the country.  /end rant.

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