Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I just wanted to send a little thought out into the universe:  today I’m feeling so very thankful. 

That while all the crappity crap context exists that necessitates a #yesallwomen movement, there is a growing awareness and conversation that domestic violence and assault on women, no matter the form, is NOT ALL RIGHT.  And for once, the trolls will have to retreat to their corner because the authentic voices from hundreds of thousands of women will not be silenced.

That while sometimes we are stuck in our daily routines of schloppity schlopp in dealing with manipulative exes (or ‘exies’ as another intelligent single mother I know refers to hers), we are not alone and all the hard work we put into NOT retaliating or engaging in power struggles through our children with our exies—is worth every drop of effort.  Even if the exies continue to play their games, we do not stoop to return the favor.  (at least on our very best days, we all make mistakes, or as Liv calls them…surprises…a great sentiment!).

That while my new husband and I have now countered several escalated conflicts generated from my ex, we remain firm in our commitment (and still gooey-eyed because of our love, yes please feel free to barf, I feel my former version of myself reaching for a bucket, lol) to being a united family and to help my girls weather the storm.

That our wedding pictures and DVD should be arriving any day now—I will never forget May 17, 2014—and how happy the four of us were sharing a day on the beach strewn with rose petals and sunshine and fun and laughter.

That our families and friends near and far are supportive and love us in these times full of transition—that includes heartache and stress, but mostly centered on love and acceptance.

That I somehow made it this far in life (seriously, right on the mid life line!) and still have my heart and soul accounted for.

That my girls are thriving and growing and learning to love without paying a price.

And the list can go on. 

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