Thursday, March 3, 2016


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He finally agreed to the mother’s day week end swap.

I was a) prompt in responding (within 24 hours), b) did not make snarky comments, c) said thank you for getting back to me, d) confirmed the dates, and e) was overall cordial.

I did not a) be witchy about the two months it took him to respond, b) delay a response out of spite (although the thought crossed my mind).

Considering that he sent me an email requesting summer vacation dates for this summer minutes after he agreed to the mother’s day week end swap, I surmise that he a) realized it would be to his benefit to have me pick my summer dates, because it’s mom’s first choice this year, b) also realized that waiting two months to get back to me about the mother’s day week end swap might bite him in the a$$ for summer vacation planning.

I have every intention of nailing down our summer plans soon, since I am by nature, a planner.  And despite wanting to volley the a$$hattery back from where I received it, I will resist the urge and continue to behave like a civil human being.

That is all.