Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Even Keel, plus #nationaldogday

It’s a brand new school year—well, DD1 has been in for about a month now, and this week, DD2 began kindergarten.  Kindergarten!  A whole new school, a whole new world!  The first two drop offs were a little frantic, DD2 clung to my shirt, but this morning, she gave me a kiss and was like, Bye Mom!


My baby girl, getting to be grown up…in this crazy world.  Full of violence and heartache, and also mini miracles of kindness and goodwill.

All quiet on the coparenting front—minor nasty comments about old spider bites and an old scrape on DD2’s ankle from learning to ride a bike, but other than that, we’re good to go.  Thick skin, thick skin, thick skin.

Why is it that some days, the comments just roll of my back, and other days, they sting like tiny needle pricks, made just to irritate and burn?  Argh. 

Mostly though, we are business as usual, kind of boring, actually.  I like boring.  It means we’re all doing okay for the moment. 

Is it okay to wish that the rest of the world could be a little boring, too?  The latest headlines of violence and systematic violence against women is enough to make me crawl back into bed. 

So as a way to add some kindness and love into the world, here is a #nationaldogday picture of our G, who we love with all our hearts.  She adds kindness to the world with her silly antics, and eating of my hairband.  And she is teaching the girls patience, empathy, and love, too.

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