Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Talking to my 10 year old daughter after the election

I was strong with my DD1 this morning--who was watching the election last night closely--telling her that while the president-elect is someone she didn't support, he will still be the president of our country, and it's okay for us to disagree with his views, that's our right as citizens. That it's important for us to stand up for the people we love, no matter what. And she totally agreed, and then asked to play pokemon Go, lol. 
And after I dropped her off at school, I broke down in tears, because I want my daughters to grow up knowing they are smart, capable, and it is their constitutional right to have their contributions measured on their merits. That being judged or mocked for what they look like over their capabilities as a human is ridiculous at best and disgusting at worst. That being groped by some jack!$$ who thinks he can just grope women is NOT normal, but a crime. I broke down in tears because as a non-white citizen who was not born in this country, and as a domestic violence survivor, I saw how the majority of the country rallied around him. 
I remembered what FLOTUS said--it's painful, it's hurtful--that he boasts about assaulting women. His rhetoric is hurtful. And i'm trying to get to a place of peace--but i'm still here, the non-white citizen not born in this country, adopted by a gay dad who came out when I was 3 years old, and he and my stepdad died in my teens. The same non-white citizen who works for state government and who is raising two non-white daughters to be open hearted and open to learning about the world, to respect themselves and others. So it's painful.
p.s. I'll get to love and standing in the light soon, but right now I'm so very sad.


  1. Aw, it is so disturbing and distressful! I was texting with my daughter when the results were coming out because I knew how upset she would be. We don't even live in the United States! Sounds like you explained it very well to your DD1, Jane. I think for women, this election hits hard. I took a lighter note on this topic at my blog. I couldn't help but think of Forrest Gump when DT was elected. Not sure why the connection but I wrote some notes and made a blog post out of it. Hoping it makes a few people smile in light of this political strife.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lisa! I was able to focus on a lot of love over this past week end with my daughters...and then i woke up to monday and the grim reality of a work week that includes our newest president-elect appointing a bona fide racist as his
      "chief strategist and senior counselor." Ugh.