Thursday, December 26, 2013

merry christmas!

happy Christmas everyone! what a roller coaster ride!!!

we slaved over the cookie baking on Christmas eve, gave a bunch to all of our neighbors and big sister's two besties who helped make them... later i took them to the candlelight Christmas eve service, so we didn't get to bed until 10pm--and then santa waited to deliver after they went to bed.

Christmas day, before the sun came up, someone tiptoed in and stood next to my face in the darkness.

big sister: 'is it time to open presents yet?"

me: 'no!"

her: 'when is it time?"

me: "not for al ong time! when the sun comes up! get into bed and let your sister sleep in!" <pat bed, she crawls in>

five minutes later, i crack my eye open, and see her sitting up, leaning against the pillows, eyes wide open, waiting. heart melts.

me: 'why don't you run downstairs and see if santa came, honey, and come back up and tell me."

her: <air zipping by as she disappears in a flash><thudding on the stairs downstairs and then up the stairs>

her: he came! mommy, he came! i saw two horseys!!!!! one for me and one for <lil sis>!

me: okay! i'm up! get your sister up and we can go downstairs.

lots of laughing and "thank you santa!"s ensuing.

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