Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy birthday, week end!

Happy belated birthday, little ladybug (DD2).  <3 <3 <3

Sometimes, I can’t believe how fast time has flown since my belly was the size of the Star War’s death star.  How she grew from this tiny, smiling infant into this little kid energizer bunny, bouncing off the walls, sing Frozen’s “Let it go, let it go!  Can’t hold it back anymore!”  And as an aside, I love how she sings with such confidence, making up the words as she goes along.  Example,  Baa baa black sheep, have you any mull?  Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.  The time I decided to sing it with her and say wool, she replied firmly, no, mommy, it’s mull.  Um, okay.  :)

We had her birthday party with all her pals from preschool and some of big sister Squirrel’s brownie pals for this past Saturday.  My sweetheart fiancé offered up his house to host—mostly because I couldn’t fit a bounce house in our yard, and it fit so nicely during my big 4-0 birthday party last fall.  So a pizza party, bounce house fest it was!  I also borrowed an idea from another mom—I purchased a bunch of stickers, glitter glue, and markers, and gave all the kids little paper mache boxes from Ben Franklin to decorate—it was amazing how much fun and seriously focused they were on all the sticking, gluing, glittering.  We also had two boys along for the party (same ages as squirrel and ladybug, we’ve been friends since the kids were in the belly), and normally I’m all about gender neutral…but I found myself looking for ‘boy stickers’ for them—cars and baseballs and bats—along with the flowery sparkles that I got for the girls.  Their mom thanked me, so I guess that turned out okay!  Anyway, towards the end of the party, little ladybug fell out of the bouncer and bonked her knee.  She flew into my fiance’s arms (I was sitting on the side talking to another mom), which for him was a sweetheart, rockstar moment—in front of all the moms, ladybug ran to HIM with her owie.  Later, he told me he was so touched and felt like a rock star, and believe me, my heart about melted, too.

After the party, squirrel had two of her brownie pals sleep over—which was a thrill for ladybug, too.  I swear she also thinks she’s 7 years old (rather than 4), because she keeps up with the ‘big girls’ and their games, only every now and then coming to me for a cuddle, rather than racing off on her scooter after them.  We ate leftover pizza for dinner and I managed to get them all in the shower, teeth brushed, in bed by 8:00pm, if you can believe it.  But I knew that giggling would ensue for the next hour or so…which it did.  And which resumed at 5:30am, OMG! 

All in all…I think I did okay this week end.  I know these moments are fleeting and come and go, the river of life and all of that.  But I hope, somehow, these happy times, the laughter, the sharing, the silliness…I hope somehow it sticks.

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