Thursday, March 16, 2017

Skirts, shmirts

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Well...I kind of screwed up.  I usually keep the high road, but I failed the other morning. 

Background:  Exie put up an expensive attorney fight to not have to pay for the girls' private school, even when I said I'd pay the whole thing and he'd never be on the hook for expenditures (and which i'm very thankful that i'm able to do so now--years ago, this wouldn't have been possible).  DD2 has uniforms, and I was able to get them through the school, gently used.  She has to wear skorts, but some of the skorts came undone underneath the skirt.  So I got her little boy shorts from old navy to wear underneath them and we've been fine all year.  Except Exie has been complaining that i have to "solve" the skirt issue, because of the "huge holes" underneath the skirts--he brought it up a month or so after school started; then again a few months ago.  I kept responding that "the solution" is DD2 wearing shorts underneath her skirts.  Honestly, she could give a rip, since they're playing all the time on the playground (she's in first grade).        

Well...this week he pulled the "i pay child support so you can afford to get new skirts."  I tried to take the high road and not respond.  But in the end, I couldn't help myself and wrote back:  I do not share your concern re: the skirts, I think her uniforms are adequate.  You repeatedly made clear you did not want to contribute to the expenditures/requirements for private school.  However given that this is a concern for you, I'll look into the uniform store and have them mail you a skirt directly, so you will feel more comfortable.     

UGH, I totally got drawn in.   Just trying to get him off my back.  Such a waste of time!!  :( :( :(  

Well, to no one's surprise, he responded that he was going to take pictures of the skirts and send them to me.  Please keep in mind that the skirts come from my house.  Because he didn't want to be on the hook for contributing to any expenditures.  This is now becoming a comedy.  And by then I had calmed down some, noticed the skirts were 50% off at the uniform store (lucky me), school is ending in a couple of months, so decided to have them sent to my house.

So...I wrote back a cheerful two liner:  There's no need to send pictures, as I know what the skirts looks like; DD2 is fine wearing her shorts and she has told me it does not bother her.  However, I'm fine with putting new skirts into circulation.


Le sigh.