Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Percolating Life

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I’m settling back into the swing of things having just returned from my work trip this past week end.  Lots of thoughts percolating:

1) Use your privilege to uplift others—some may have more privilege than others, just by the color of your skin, the tone of your voice, the gender you walk in, and that’s a system we inherited when we were born into this world.  If we feel guilty or enraged at the system, that’s a by-product of being aware of the system itself.  Use whatever means you have to uplift yourself, uplift others, in whatever state of privilege you may exist (this is assuming a lot).  Remember, shining your light, and sharing your light with others does not diminish your individual flame, it means we all burn brighter and together we can make a positive difference in this world.

2)  The projects that I shared relate somewhat to number 1, in that whatever capacity that I can, my job is to help where I can.  To listen where I can, to move forward together where we can.  (how did I get this job again?  LOL).

3)  Coparenting with my ex is a marathon, not a race.

4)  My PTSD and anxiety is also a marathon, not a race. 

5)  My oldest daughter acts like a surly tweenage monster one moment, and is sweet and mushy and loving the next.

6)  Still mulling over how to deal with the braces issues for my older daughter.  Do I schedule the next appointment on the Ex’s time since he’s so eager to be part of the discussion (but has yet to take the girls to a dentist appointment ever in his life)?  Or do I schedule it on mine, knowing that my hubby will be there for support.

7)  The school year is winding down, I’m soon to have a second grader and a sixth grader on my hands, how did that happen, time?

8)  I’d love to take my girls to see my mom in July, but I have no idea how to pay for it.  Still, surly tweenager is showing her sweetheart caring as she continually follows up and asks if we are going.  So I think I have to make that happen.

9)  I’m grateful for the love in my life, and at other times, I feel so overwhelmed by working, mommy-ing, co-parenting, spouse-ing, adult-ing, healing, that I want to hide under the covers from the world.

10)  Breathe.


  1. Just breathe. B R E A T H E. Love this post, Jane. Sounds like you're making progress in every direction. Time moves us forward ready or not. :)

    1. Hugs, Lisa! thanks for your kind words and thoughts!