Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy birthday party, DD2!

I threw DD2’s birthday party at her gymnastics gym.  She was thrilled!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see her and her little preschool pals bouncing around the floor, balance beam, trampoline, and jumping into “the pit” (aka a bunch of blue squishy blocks built into a pit into the floor).  They dipped their hands in chalk, clapping them into enthusiastic clouds, hung and swung from the rings and the small parallel bar. They bounced along another trampoline upstairs and crawled and climbed through an obstacle course of shorter bars where they flipped and twirled.  Seriously, my heart couldn’t be any happier. 

Her face, aglow with delight when her Frozen cake came out, everyone singing happy birthday to her, blowing out her candles with gusto.  My hubby had schlepped a cooler in with ice for the drinks and snacks—he seemed a little overwhelmed with his stepfather duties but he held his own, lol.  All the parents followed their kiddos around taking pics, one of my besties took a slow-mo video of DD2 and I jumping into “the pit.”  In fact, she and I took turns on the balance beam, too, when no one was looking!

At the end, one pal had a melt down because she didn’t want to leave, five others were scrambling on the medal podium (apparently you get a trophy for being top 5 in the competitive meets), pictures were taken, more pictures were taken, and tons of giggling ensued.

All in all, the happiest of happy birthdays.  When we were driving home, DD2 asked me, “mommy, can I have ALL my birthdays at gymnastics, with ALL my friends, ALL the time?”

Heart. Full.


  1. That is so much better than my story. Happy birthday DD2.

    1. thanks liv! and...i wrote this before checking out your latest entry. Please update!!! :( thinking of you and especially flower... <3 <3 <3