Thursday, October 16, 2014

On a happy note

DD1 had a great “DD1-only” night the other night.  It was so sweet, actually, while she was doing her homework, her tooth fell out, so the tooth fairy made a visit in the wee dawn hours (me suddenly waking up at 5:00am thinking—oh crap!!!!).

I cooked DD1’s (and now hubby’s) favorite dish—homemade bbq ribs and she ate it up with gusto. Then, because Ex had let us know he wouldn’t be home to facilitate the phone call with DD2, we called grandma’s directly.  At first, grandma hung up.  But we called back again, and she couldn’t resist “Hi grammy!” from DD1, and put DD2 on the phone.  To which DD2 said, “Hi DD1!  I was just telling grandma that I wish DD1 would call me, and you did DD1!”  Oh man, heart about melted in a puddle.

After clean up and shower time, we had a slumber party DVD watch, DD1’s pick—the original peter pan, which we watched for about an hour.  Then, when I put her to bed, we snuggled a little bit before she fell asleep.

p.s. the only downer to this, yesterday, DD1 told me that when she told her grandma the tooth fairy came, she said grandma told her the tooth fairy didn’t exist.  That’s why grandma gives her 2 dollars, but daddy gives her 5.  Really?  Part of me wonders if they are really that strange over at their house, the other part of me wonders if DD1 is doing some secret investigative reporting on the reality of the tooth fairy, lol.

I told her that maybe the tooth fairy doesn’t go to dad’s house, but she definitely comes to ours.


  1. If I was the tooth fairy, I wouldn't go their either.

    What a witch.

    1. Thank you Liv!! :( I honestly don't know if she really said that or not, I didn't want to push DD1. I'm hoping not.

  2. Ditto on Liv's comment, LOL. It's so cute though, when they lose their